Smeg oven thermocouple Expand

Smeg oven thermocouple




  • Smeg oven thermocouple.
  • Position: bottom
  • Length: 800mm
  • Smeg code: 948650137

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  • Smeg oven thermocouple.
  • Position: bottom
  • Length: 800mm
  • Smeg code: 948650137
  • The thermocouple is a safety device which cuts off the gas in a burner if there is no presence of heat. If your gas oven does not turn on this device may be damaged. This type of repair should be performed by a specialist in this type of equipment.

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Spare part suited for: SMEG

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Appliance typeModel
Encimeras SmegSDRV564X
Encimeras SmegSRV575
Encimeras SmegSV564
Encimeras SmegSPV595X
Encimeras SmegSTR134BS1
Encimeras SmegSRV876A
Encimeras SmegSRV564GB1
Encimeras SmegSRV564GA
Encimeras SmegPCO604V38
Encimeras SmegA2D
Encimeras SmegWER64AS
Encimeras SmegSR134BSH1
Encimeras SmegSRV573XTG
Encimeras SmegSDRV596X
Encimeras SmegSPV595
Encimeras SmegSE571TF
Encimeras SmegSRV576GG
Encimeras SmegP705
Encimeras SmegSRV563
Encimeras SmegWER864ADS
Encimeras SmegA1A.1
Encimeras SmegSRV573X
Encimeras SmegSAR134WS1
Encimeras SmegCS19V/1
Encimeras SmegSER64AS
Encimeras SmegSRV575NE
Encimeras SmegSV564GA
Encimeras SmegSR341AS1
Encimeras SmegSTR134MS1
Encimeras SmegSRV876EB
Encimeras SmegSRV564GN1
Encimeras SmegSRV564GG
Encimeras SmegS134ABMS1
Encimeras SmegCS18NLA1
Encimeras SmegWER864AS
Encimeras SmegSR134NES1
Encimeras SmegSRV576B
Encimeras SmegSNLRV596X
Encimeras SmegSPV595GA
Encimeras SmegSRV573EB
Encimeras SmegSRV576GW
Encimeras SmegPD705
Encimeras SmegSRV563NE
Encimeras SmegWER864TFS
Encimeras SmegA1G.1
Encimeras SmegSRV574EB
Encimeras SmegSEE14V
Encimeras SmegCS20NL
Encimeras SmegSPV577
Encimeras SmegSRV876G
Encimeras SmegSRV575X
Encimeras SmegSV564GG
Encimeras SmegSR804AS1
Encimeras SmegW134AEBS1
Encimeras SmegSRV564GW
Encimeras SmegS134ANES1
Encimeras SmegCS19/1
Encimeras SmegWR341AS1
Encimeras SmegSR804ADS1
Encimeras SmegSRV576VA
Encimeras SmegSRV596EB
Encimeras SmegSPV595GN
Encimeras SmegSRV573NE
Encimeras SmegSRV576TF
Encimeras SmegPNL705
Encimeras SmegSRV563X
Encimeras SmegJGP140WAY
Encimeras SmegA1VG.1
Encimeras SmegSRV574TF
Encimeras SmegSER64AEBS
Encimeras SmegSAR64XS
Encimeras SmegSR804ASEP
Encimeras SmegSPV577NE
Encimeras SmegSE571
Encimeras SmegSRV576EB
Encimeras SmegSV564NE
Encimeras SmegSR804ASP
Encimeras SmegW134AS1
Encimeras SmegSRV564TF
Encimeras SmegS134ATFS1
Encimeras SmegCS19B/1
Encimeras SmegSPV595X.1
Encimeras SmegSDRV563X
Encimeras SmegSV564X
Encimeras SmegSRV596TF
Encimeras SmegSPV595NE
Encimeras SmegSTR134AS1
Encimeras SmegSRV596X
Encimeras SmegSRV564GA1
Encimeras SmegSRV564EB
Encimeras SmegPCO604V34
Encimeras SmegA2A
Encimeras SmegWER641AS
Encimeras SmegSPV595TF1
Encimeras SmegSRV573XT
Encimeras SmegSR804TFS1
Encimeras SmegSPV577X
Encimeras SmegSE571NE
Encimeras SmegSRV576GB
Encimeras SmegP64
Encimeras SmegSRV532X
Encimeras SmegWER64ATFS
Encimeras SmegA1.1K
Encimeras SmegSRV564XK
Encimeras SmegSAR134BS1
Encimeras SmegCS19NLA1
Encimeras SmegSEER34XV
Encimeras SmegSRV575EB
Encimeras SmegSV564EB
Encimeras SmegSR134AS1
Encimeras SmegSTR134GS1
Encimeras SmegSRV876D
Encimeras SmegSRV564GG1
Encimeras SmegSRV564GB
Encimeras SmegPCO604V39
Encimeras SmegCS18A/1
Encimeras SmegWER64ASX
Encimeras SmegSR134EBS1
Encimeras SmegSRV576AZ
Encimeras SmegSDV564X
Encimeras SmegSPV595.1
Encimeras SmegSE571X
Encimeras SmegSRV576GN
Encimeras SmegPD64
Encimeras SmegSRV563EB
Encimeras SmegWER864EBS
Encimeras SmegA1B.1
Encimeras SmegSRV574
Encimeras SmegSAR134XS1
Encimeras SmegCS20
Encimeras SmegSERV564X
Encimeras SmegSRV575TF
Encimeras SmegSV564GB
Encimeras SmegSR34ASX1
Encimeras SmegSTR134NS1
Encimeras SmegSRV564GN
Encimeras SmegS134AEBS1
Encimeras SmegCS18V/1
Encimeras SmegWR134AS1
Encimeras SmegSR134TFS1
Encimeras SmegSRV576P
Encimeras SmegSRV596
Encimeras SmegSPV595GB
Encimeras SmegSRV573MB
Encimeras SmegSRV576NE
Encimeras SmegPNL64
Encimeras SmegSRV563TF
Encimeras SmegJGP140SAY
Encimeras SmegA1VA.1
Encimeras SmegSRV574NE
Encimeras SmegSEER804DV
Encimeras SmegCS20NLA
Encimeras SmegSPV577EB
Encimeras SmegSRV876P
Encimeras SmegSRV576
Encimeras SmegSV564GN
Encimeras SmegSR804ASB
Encimeras SmegW134ANES1
Encimeras SmegSRV564NE
Encimeras SmegS134AS1
Encimeras SmegCS19A/1
Encimeras SmegWR34ASX1
Encimeras SmegSR804ASEA
Encimeras SmegSRV576VS
Encimeras SmegSRV596NE
Encimeras SmegSPV595GW
Encimeras SmegSRV573TF
Encimeras SmegSRV576X
Encimeras SmegSPV595NE1
Encimeras SmegSRV564
Encimeras SmegNCT685NFG
Encimeras SmegA2
Encimeras SmegSRV574X
Encimeras SmegSER64ATFS
Encimeras SmegSDR34ASX
Encimeras SmegSRV532XFE
Encimeras SmegSR804EBS1
Encimeras SmegSPV577TF
Encimeras SmegSE571EB
Encimeras SmegSRV576GA
Encimeras SmegSV564TF
Encimeras SmegSR804ASV
Encimeras SmegWER64AEBS
Encimeras SmegA1.1
Encimeras SmegSRV564X
Encimeras SmegS341AS1
Encimeras SmegCS19NL1


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Smeg oven thermocouple

Smeg oven thermocouple

  • Smeg oven thermocouple.
  • Position: bottom
  • Length: 800mm
  • Smeg code: 948650137

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