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Samsung hatch rubber washer




  • Samsung hatch rubber washer.
    Original code: DC6401602A


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  • The hatch is charged with rubber sealing between the door and lavante group. If your washing machine leaks through the door or inside the appliance, it is possible that this Article has any drilling or suffer breakage.

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Spare part suited for: SAMSUNG

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Appliance typeModel
Lavadoras SamsungWF902B2SAWQ
Lavadoras SamsungWF1702WPW2
Lavadoras SamsungWF1802LSW2XEC
Lavadoras SamsungWF8800LSW
Lavadoras SamsungWF1702WPW-XEC
Lavadoras SamsungWF8800 WF8800LP
Lavadoras SamsungWF8800LP
Lavadoras SamsungWF1802LSW
Lavadoras SamsungWF8800LPVXEC
Lavadoras SamsungWF1802LSC
Lavadoras SamsungWF8800LSW-XEC01
Lavadoras SamsungWF906U4SAWQ3EC
Lavadoras SamsungWF1702WPW
Lavadoras SamsungWF0804Y8E1
Lavadoras SamsungWF1702WPW2-XEC
Lavadoras SamsungWF1802WPC2-XEC
Lavadoras SamsungWF0804Y8E
Lavadoras SamsungWF1802 LSC
Lavadoras SamsungWF-8800-LP
Lavadoras SamsungWF8800LSWXEC
Lavadoras SamsungWF1802LSW2-XEC
Lavadoras SamsungWF8800LSW1
Lavadoras SamsungWF1702WPW2XEC


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Samsung hatch rubber washer

Samsung hatch rubber washer

  • Samsung hatch rubber washer.
    Original code: DC6401602A


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