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Micro switch heater Junkers




  • Micro switch heaters and boilers Junkers.
    Original code: 8707200020


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  • The micro switch is a device control of your heater. If your heater does not start or may not work This article has a problem.

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Spare part suited for: JUNKERS

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Appliance typeModel
Calentadores JunkersWR11B31S2805
Calentadores JunkersWR14B31S2806
Calentadores JunkersWRD11-2KME23S2805
Calentadores JunkersWR14-2 B23S2895
Calentadores JunkersWRD11-2B31S2805
Calentadores JunkersWR11B23S2895
Calentadores JunkersWRD11-2KME31S2805
Calentadores JunkersWR14-2B23S2895
Calentadores JunkersWRD11-2B23S2895
Calentadores JunkersWRD11-2B31S2895
Calentadores JunkersWR14-2B31S2895
Calentadores JunkersW11B31S2806
Calentadores JunkersWR11B31S2806
Calentadores JunkersWR18B31S2806
Calentadores JunkersWR14B31S2896
Calentadores JunkersWR11B31S2895



micro switch

when replace it with one new it lights the pilot lamp and ignite the pilot flame continually , can anyone tell s me why please what i am doing wrong .

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    Micro switch heater Junkers

    Micro switch heater Junkers

    • Micro switch heaters and boilers Junkers.
      Original code: 8707200020


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