Left power module for hob Expand

Left power module for hob




  • Power module vitroceramic left induction.
    BSH code: 666006-662080
    Recycled paper.
    Warranty: 1 month
    Valid for glass ceramics: Bosch - Siemens - Balay


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275,00 €

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  • The power module an induction hob is responsible for activating the system to generate heat directly to the recipient. If your hob does not work or display in an error control system, this article may have a problem.
    Failures of this type of components stored in many cases closely related to failure to follow manufacturer's recommendations for installation of such devices.
    Guarantee Policy on recycled items: All items recycled or used available collateral. This will depend on factors such as the age of the product or its status. In case of malfunction of the article, ReleMat replace the product with another of equal technical features running costs of shipping by the buyer, if no effective product available we will make the payment of the part, without the shipping costs.
    Conditions Warranty: This warranty is valid simpre as the receiver installation meets the standards proposed by the manufacturer.

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Appliance typeModel
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS640E01E/03
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS640E01E/04
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS640E01E/08
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS645E01E/02
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS645E01E/08
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS645T01E/02
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS645T01E/08
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS651E01E/03
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS651E01E/04
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS651E01E/08
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS675T01E/02
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS675T01E/08
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS679T01E/03
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS679T01E/04
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS679T01E/08
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS775T01E/03
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS775T01E/04
Vitroceramicas BoschPIS675T01E/01
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S6901/08
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7SP501E/08
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7SP501E/03
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7SP501E/02
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S7501E/08
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S7501E/04
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S7501E/03
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S6901/04
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S6901/03
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S6501E/08
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S6501E/04
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S6501E/03
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S3001E/08
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S3001E/04
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S3001E/03
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S2001E/03
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S2001E/02
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH70S501E/03
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH70S501E/04
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH70S501E/08
Vitroceramicas SiemensEH7S2001E/01
Vitroceramicas GaggenauCI262110/08
Vitroceramicas GaggenauCI262110/06
Vitroceramicas GaggenauCI262110/05
Vitroceramicas NeffT4304N0/02
Vitroceramicas NeffT4404X2/08
Vitroceramicas NeffT4404X2/02
Vitroceramicas NeffT4404X2/01
Vitroceramicas NeffT4404N0/08
Vitroceramicas NeffT4404N0/04
Vitroceramicas NeffT4404N0/03
Vitroceramicas NeffT4304N0/08
Vitroceramicas Balay3ET915LAD/08
Vitroceramicas Balay3ET918LP/08
Vitroceramicas Balay3ET918LP/02
Vitroceramicas Balay3ET918LP/01
Vitroceramicas Balay3ET915XP/08
Vitroceramicas Balay3ET915XP/01
Vitroceramicas Balay3ET915LP/08
Vitroceramicas Balay3ET915LP/04
Vitroceramicas Balay3ET915LP/03
Vitroceramicas Balay3ET915LAD/01
Vitroceramicas inducción BoschPIS651E01E/01
Vitroceramicas inducción BoschPIS651E01E/02
Vitroceramicas inducción BoschPIS651E01E/03
Vitroceramicas inducción BoschPIS651E01E/04
Vitroceramicas inducción BoschPIS651E01E/08


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Left power module for hob

Left power module for hob

  • Power module vitroceramic left induction.
    BSH code: 666006-662080
    Recycled paper.
    Warranty: 1 month
    Valid for glass ceramics: Bosch - Siemens - Balay


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