Grifo gas encimera Smeg Expand

Smeg gas hob tab




  • Gas control tap
  • Original code: 957330313

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  • Gas control tap
  • Original code: 957330313
  • The tap your gas hob is responsible for regulating the flow of gas to the burner. If you notice abnormalities such regulation or smell gas, you may have a problem with this piece.

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Spare part suited for: SMEG

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Appliance typeModel
Encimeras SmegSNL97AX1
Encimeras SmegS809A1
Encimeras SmegSER134NE1
Encimeras SmegSR191A1
Encimeras SmegSAR193EB1
Encimeras SmegSILR64NE
Encimeras SmegSTR134NE1
Encimeras SmegSE193AEB1
Encimeras SmegHB95CAS
Encimeras SmegSE64NX
Encimeras SmegSE843P
Encimeras SmegSNZ64WH1
Encimeras SmegSA34AX1
Encimeras SmegSER64LPG
Encimeras SmegSR94AMBJ1
Encimeras SmegSAR67X1
Encimeras SmegCIR34AX
Encimeras SmegWE640
Encimeras SmegSE64BE-1
Encimeras SmegSM34AX1
Encimeras SmegS134AEB1
Encimeras SmegSNLR34XG1
Encimeras SmegS809AEB1
Encimeras SmegSER34AX1
Encimeras SmegSR191AJX
Encimeras SmegSAR64EB1
Encimeras SmegWE193A
Encimeras SmegSE63
Encimeras SmegIKB915
Encimeras SmegSE64V
Encimeras SmegSE844B
Encimeras SmegSNZ93XGR9
Encimeras SmegSAR134EB1
Encimeras SmegSER804D1
Encimeras SmegSR94EBHK1
Encimeras SmegSAR804EB1
Encimeras SmegCIR93AX
Encimeras SmegWE64EB
Encimeras SmegSE64EBMA
Encimeras SmegSNL34AX1
Encimeras SmegS134ATF1
Encimeras SmegSNZ134W
Encimeras SmegS931A1
Encimeras SmegSER63EB
Encimeras SmegSR94AEBJ1
Encimeras SmegSAR64X
Encimeras SmegWE63
Encimeras SmegSE63NX
Encimeras SmegS133A1
Encimeras SmegSE809AD1
Encimeras SmegSE844P
Encimeras SmegSPR93AX1
Encimeras SmegSAR134XP1
Encimeras SmegSER804G1
Encimeras SmegSTR134EB1
Encimeras SmegSAR809EB1
Encimeras SmegHB64CCS
Encimeras SmegWE64X
Encimeras SmegSE64MA
Encimeras SmegSNL844A1
Encimeras SmegS193AEB1
Encimeras SmegSNZ64SS
Encimeras SmegSA133AEB1
Encimeras SmegSER64
Encimeras SmegSR94AHK1
Encimeras SmegSAR64XLP1
Encimeras Smeg05-203224
Encimeras SmegWE63EB
Encimeras SmegSE64
Encimeras SmegS133ANE1
Encimeras SmegSE843A
Encimeras SmegSER134EB1
Encimeras SmegSR134EBH1
Encimeras SmegSAR191EB1
Encimeras SmegSILR64EB
Encimeras SmegSTR134MB1
Encimeras SmegSAR93XPG1
Encimeras SmegHB64CSS
Encimeras SmegSE64NEMA
Encimeras SmegSNL93AX1
Encimeras SmegS341A1
Encimeras SmegSE843C
Encimeras SmegSNZ64WH
Encimeras SmegSA33AX1
Encimeras SmegSER64GBX
Encimeras SmegSR94AJX
Encimeras SmegSAR66X
Encimeras SmegAP191X
Encimeras SmegWE64
Encimeras SmegSE64BE
Encimeras SmegSM33AX1
Encimeras SmegS134A1
Encimeras SmegSNLR34AX1
Encimeras SmegS809AD1
Encimeras SmegSER134TF1
Encimeras SmegSR191AJ1
Encimeras SmegSAR64EB
Encimeras SmegSILR64X
Encimeras SmegVA191X
Encimeras SmegSE193ANE1
Encimeras SmegHB95CCS
Encimeras SmegSE64TF
Encimeras SmegSE844A1
Encimeras SmegSNZ93SS
Encimeras SmegSAR134AX1
Encimeras SmegSER804A
Encimeras SmegSR94ANEJ1
Encimeras SmegSAR804AA
Encimeras SmegCIR64X
Encimeras SmegWE641
Encimeras SmegSE64EB
Encimeras SmegSM34AXGH
Encimeras SmegS134ANE1
Encimeras SmegSNZ134SS
Encimeras SmegS809ATF1
Encimeras SmegSER63
Encimeras SmegSR193AXJ
Encimeras SmegSAR64EBP1
Encimeras SmegWE193AEB
Encimeras SmegSE63EB
Encimeras SmegPG310
Encimeras SmegSE809AA
Encimeras SmegSE844C
Encimeras SmegSPR34AX1
Encimeras SmegSAR134NE1
Encimeras SmegSER804EB1
Encimeras SmegSTR134A1
Encimeras SmegSAR804P
Encimeras SmegHB64CAS
Encimeras SmegWE64TF
Encimeras SmegSE64M
Encimeras SmegSNL64X
Encimeras SmegS193A1
Encimeras SmegSNZ34XGRC
Encimeras SmegS93ASX1
Encimeras SmegSER63LPG
Encimeras SmegSR94AGRJ1
Encimeras SmegSAR64X1
Encimeras SmegWE63ATF
Encimeras SmegSE63TF
Encimeras SmegS133AEB1
Encimeras SmegSE809AP
Encimeras SmegSE844V
Encimeras SmegSR134A1
Encimeras SmegSAR191AX1
Encimeras SmegSER804P
Encimeras SmegSTR134GR1
Encimeras SmegSAR93AX1
Encimeras SmegHB64CGS
Encimeras SmegSE64NE
Encimeras SmegSNL844P
Encimeras SmegS193ATF1
Encimeras SmegSNZ64SS1
Encimeras SmegSA134AEB1
Encimeras SmegSER64EB
Encimeras SmegSR94AJ1
Encimeras SmegSAR65X
Encimeras SmegA2590B
Encimeras SmegWE63TF
Encimeras SmegSE641
Encimeras SmegS133ATF1
Encimeras SmegSE843B


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Smeg gas hob tab

Smeg gas hob tab

  • Gas control tap
  • Original code: 957330313

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