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Ignition switch kit




  • Ignition Switch Kit for Smeg hobs.
    Number of switches: 6
    Original code: 694490653


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28,70 €

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  • The switch takes care kit by mechanical action of controls, sending an electrical pulse to the spark plugs and thus cause the burner. If the ignition system of its gas hob does not work you may have a problem item.

Data sheet

Spare part suited for: SMEG

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Appliance typeModel
Encimeras SmegSRV576CO2
Encimeras SmegPTS727
Encimeras SmegCIR575X
Encimeras SmegSE70S
Encimeras SmegSRV575GH
Encimeras SmegSNL70XG
Encimeras SmegGL70BG
Encimeras SmegXXPTS726BE
Encimeras SmegPTS726BE
Encimeras SmegSRV576M
Encimeras SmegSAR70X-1
Encimeras SmegSDRV576XG
Encimeras SmegSE756GH
Encimeras SmegSRV576P.1
Encimeras SmegSRV876D.1
Encimeras SmegSR876PGH
Encimeras SmegSRV576GAL
Encimeras SmegPTS727NL
Encimeras SmegPPV577X.1
Encimeras SmegSE70SEB
Encimeras SmegSRV576AZ1
Encimeras SmegSPV577NE1
Encimeras SmegGL70XG
Encimeras SmegXXPTS726NE
Encimeras SmegPTS726K
Encimeras SmegSAR70XS
Encimeras SmegSNL575XG
Encimeras SmegSE976S
Encimeras SmegSRV576VS1
Encimeras SmegSRV876P.1
Encimeras SmegSRV575.1
Encimeras SmegSRV576GB2
Encimeras SmegPTS727NLN
Encimeras SmegSAR575X.1
Encimeras SmegSE70SNE-1
Encimeras SmegSRV576EB2
Encimeras SmegSR576.1
Encimeras SmegHB75CAS
Encimeras SmegXXPTS726NLB
Encimeras SmegPTS726NL
Encimeras SmegSD70SX
Encimeras SmegSNL576XG1
Encimeras SmegSE976SX
Encimeras SmegSRV576XBE
Encimeras SmegXXGL70BG
Encimeras SmegSRV5761.1
Encimeras SmegSRV576GN1
Encimeras SmegS70GXBE
Encimeras SmegSDRV575X
Encimeras SmegSE70SX-1
Encimeras SmegSRV576GHB
Encimeras SmegSRV576NE1
Encimeras SmegSR576EB.1
Encimeras SmegHB75CGS
Encimeras SmegPTS726NLN
Encimeras SmegSPV577.1
Encimeras SmegSE70S-1
Encimeras SmegSR576GXBE
Encimeras SmegSNL70X
Encimeras SmegGCS70XG
Encimeras SmegXXGL70XG
Encimeras SmegSRV576AV2
Encimeras SmegPTS726
Encimeras SmegSRV576GW2
Encimeras SmegS70SXBE
Encimeras SmegSDRV576X1
Encimeras SmegSE70SXHK
Encimeras SmegSRV576NE2
Encimeras SmegSRV876A.1
Encimeras SmegSR876AGH
Encimeras SmegSRV576EB1
Encimeras SmegPTS727BE
Encimeras SmegCIR576X
Encimeras SmegSE70SEB-1
Encimeras SmegSRV575X.1
Encimeras SmegSPV577EB1
Encimeras SmegGL70NG
Encimeras SmegXXPTS726EB
Encimeras SmegPTS726EB
Encimeras SmegSAR70X
Encimeras SmegSNL575X
Encimeras SmegSE976S-1
Encimeras SmegSRV576VA1
Encimeras SmegSRV876G.1
Encimeras SmegSR876VGH
Encimeras SmegSRV576GB1
Encimeras SmegPTS727NLB
Encimeras SmegPRV576X.1
Encimeras SmegSE70SGH
Encimeras SmegSRV576B.1
Encimeras SmegSPV577TF1
Encimeras SmegGLS70XG
Encimeras SmegXXPTS726NL
Encimeras SmegPTS726NE
Encimeras SmegSD70SX-1
Encimeras SmegSNL576X
Encimeras SmegSE976SX-1
Encimeras SmegSRV576X.1
Encimeras SmegSRV876RA
Encimeras SmegSRV576.1
Encimeras SmegXXPTS726NLN
Encimeras SmegSRV576GG1
Encimeras SmegPTSA727X
Encimeras SmegSAR575X.2
Encimeras SmegSE70SNE
Encimeras SmegSRV576GH
Encimeras SmegSR5761-1
Encimeras SmegHB75CCS
Encimeras SmegPTS726NLB
Encimeras SmegSDPV577
Encimeras SmegSD70XG
Encimeras SmegSPV577X.1
Encimeras SmegSNL575CG
Encimeras SmegSRV576XF1
Encimeras SmegXXGL70NG
Encimeras SmegSRV576AV1
Encimeras SmegSRV576GW1
Encimeras SmegS70SXBE-1
Encimeras SmegSDRV575XG
Encimeras SmegSE70SX
Encimeras SmegSRV576GHN
Encimeras SmegSRV576TF1
Encimeras SmegSR576TF.1
Encimeras SmegHB75CSS


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Ignition switch kit

Ignition switch kit

  • Ignition Switch Kit for Smeg hobs.
    Number of switches: 6
    Original code: 694490653


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