Control for gas hobs Smeg Expand

Control for gas hobs Smeg




  • Control for Smeg gas hobs.
    Color: Stainless
    Original code: 694971389


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  • The control is physically attached to the tap and serves to open the gas to the burner. In many cases drives the electric ignition and safety system countertop.

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Spare part suited for: SMEG

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Appliance typeModel
Encimeras SmegKSN9B
Encimeras SmegPLS184/3S
Encimeras SmegPLD16/3S
Encimeras SmegSA670X.1
Encimeras SmegSAR191AX
Encimeras SmegKS9A
Encimeras SmegLS6002X.1
Encimeras SmegPS19/4
Encimeras SmegPS15-VG4
Encimeras SmegSF341GX
Encimeras SmegKSN9G
Encimeras SmegPLSD1843S
Encimeras SmegPLD18/3S
Encimeras SmegSC341GXD8
Encimeras SmegKS12X-AUS
Encimeras SmegKS9G
Encimeras SmegPLD18/3SE
Encimeras SmegSAR191AX1
Encimeras SmegS33AX
Encimeras SmegPS19/3S
Encimeras SmegW33AX
Encimeras SmegKSN9V
Encimeras SmegPS112/4-E
Encimeras SmegPLS15/3S
Encimeras SmegSF33AX
Encimeras SmegKS12XD
Encimeras SmegKS9X
Encimeras SmegPLDD183SE
Encimeras SmegSR191AJX
Encimeras SmegSA33AXS
Encimeras SmegPS19X
Encimeras SmegKSN9XSE
Encimeras SmegPS19/2
Encimeras SmegPLS18/1S
Encimeras SmegSF341GGXK
Encimeras SmegKS12XSE
Encimeras SmegKSN9A
Encimeras SmegPLS18/3SE
Encimeras SmegPLD15/3S
Encimeras SmegSA36AX
Encimeras SmegPSW19/1S
Encimeras SmegLS6002X-1
Encimeras SmegPS19/4-E
Encimeras SmegPS15-4GV
Encimeras SmegSF341GVXD
Encimeras SmegKS91XS
Encimeras SmegKSN9C
Encimeras SmegPLSD183SE
Encimeras SmegPLD18/1S
Encimeras SmegSC341GX-8
Encimeras SmegDWF66SS
Encimeras SmegKS9B
Encimeras SmegLS6002X
Encimeras SmegSA33AX1
Encimeras SmegPSNL19/4E
Encimeras SmegPS19/1S
Encimeras SmegSM33AXE
Encimeras SmegKSN9R
Encimeras SmegPS112/2
Encimeras SmegPLS15/1S
Encimeras SmegSEP33AX
Encimeras SmegKS12X
Encimeras SmegKS9X-AUS
Encimeras SmegPLD184/3S
Encimeras SmegSM33AX1
Encimeras SmegSA33AX
Encimeras SmegPS19S
Encimeras SmegWE33AXE
Encimeras SmegKSN9X
Encimeras SmegPS112/4
Encimeras SmegPLS16/3S
Encimeras SmegSF341GGX
Encimeras SmegKS12XS
Encimeras SmegKS9XSE
Encimeras SmegPLDD1843S
Encimeras SmegPLD15/1S
Encimeras SmegSA35X
Encimeras SmegPSD193SE
Encimeras SmegKW9XSE
Encimeras SmegPS19/3S-E
Encimeras SmegPLS18/3S
Encimeras SmegSF341GVX
Encimeras SmegKS91XD


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Control for gas hobs Smeg

Control for gas hobs Smeg

  • Control for Smeg gas hobs.
    Color: Stainless
    Original code: 694971389


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