Function selector for ovens Smeg Expand

Function selector for ovens Smeg




  • Function selector Smeg oven.
    Original code: 811730327


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  • By the function switch the user selects the most suitable cooking system according to the needs of the food to cook. If your oven does not heat may be a problem with this article.

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Spare part suited for: SMEG

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Appliance typeModel
Hornos SmegSC362MFX
Hornos SmegS104X-5
Hornos SmegSA420X-5
Hornos SmegSF371X
Hornos SmegSCDK380X
Hornos SmegDOSCA36X
Hornos SmegSCA706X
Hornos SmegSA506X
Hornos SmegSC371X
Hornos SmegSA360EB-5
Hornos SmegSA705X
Hornos SmegDUSF636X
Hornos SmegSI800MEB5
Hornos SmegS106X-6
Hornos SmegSE336BL-5
Hornos SmegSC06MFX
Hornos SmegSC73MFX
Hornos SmegSA360X-5
Hornos SmegSC371X-8
Hornos SmegSA301W-5
Hornos SmegSC336WH
Hornos SmegSI800MFA5
Hornos SmegSA410X-5
Hornos SmegSE73MFX-5
Hornos SmegSCA306X
Hornos SmegSA386X-5
Hornos SmegSC436X-8
Hornos SmegSA305X-5
Hornos SmegSC361X
Hornos SmegSI800MFP5
Hornos SmegSA420EB-5
Hornos SmegSE800MFP5
Hornos SmegSCA506X
Hornos SmegDOSC36X
Hornos SmegSCA705X
Hornos SmegSA504X
Hornos SmegSC371MFX
Hornos SmegSA240X-5
Hornos SmegSA705X-7
Hornos SmegWE65
Hornos SmegSE336SS-5
Hornos SmegDUSC36X
Hornos SmegSE335BL-5
Hornos SmegSC04MFX
Hornos SmegSC64MFX
Hornos SmegSA360EB/1
Hornos SmegSA920MFW2
Hornos SmegAP378MFX
Hornos SmegSC336BL
Hornos SmegSI800MF-5
Hornos SmegSA410EB-5
Hornos SmegSE336WH-5
Hornos SmegSCA301X
Hornos SmegSA365X
Hornos SmegSC436N-8
Hornos SmegSA301X-5
Hornos SmegSC336X
Hornos SmegSI800MFB5
Hornos SmegSA415X
Hornos SmegSE800MFA5
Hornos SmegSCA504X
Hornos SmegSDK380X-5
Hornos SmegSC536X-8
Hornos SmegSA306X


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Function selector for ovens Smeg

Function selector for ovens Smeg

  • Function selector Smeg oven.
    Original code: 811730327


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