Tubo de unión con descalcificador Expand

Connecting tube with softener




  • Connecting tube with softener.
  • Diameter of mouth: 30/30mm
  • Original code: 1526981012
  • Valid for dishwasher: Zanussi - AEG - Electrolux


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The tubes are part of the hydraulic system of your dishwasher. If your machine leaks you may have a problem with this article.

Data sheet

Spare part suited for: ELECTROLUX AEG ZANUSSI

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Appliance typeModel
Lavavajillas AEGF54760
Lavavajillas AEGF54750
Lavavajillas AEGF84460IB
Lavavajillas AEGF88990VI
Lavavajillas AEGF43470I-B
Lavavajillas AEGF44860S
Lavavajillas AEGF44420
Lavavajillas AEGF86470I-M
Lavavajillas AEGF64760M
Lavavajillas AEGF64470I-W
Lavavajillas AEGF44860M
Lavavajillas AEGF54850
Lavavajillas AEGF84470VI
Lavavajillas AEGF44760
Lavavajillas AEGF64470I-M
Lavavajillas AEGF64850
Lavavajillas AEGF85460VI
Lavavajillas AEGF44460
Lavavajillas AEGF44750
Lavavajillas AEGF84460IW
Lavavajillas AEGF84980VI
Lavavajillas AEGF43470I-D
Lavavajillas AEGF44860
Lavavajillas AEGF44450
Lavavajillas AEGF84460IM
Lavavajillas AEGF64760
Lavavajillas AEGF43470I-M
Lavavajillas AEGF44880
Lavavajillas AEGF44430
Lavavajillas AEGF86470I-A
Lavavajillas AEGF64660
Lavavajillas AEGF64470I-D
Lavavajillas AEGF54850S
Lavavajillas AEGF84475VI
Lavavajillas AEGFFIESTA
Lavavajillas AEGF64470I-A
Lavavajillas AEGF84985VI
Lavavajillas AEGF43470I-W
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF45010S
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESI9112X
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF4132
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF46710W
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF45012
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESL9160
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF4150
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF47000W
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF45030W
Lavavajillas ElectroluxGA90GLV400
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF4159
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF47005W
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF4126
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF46010
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF45010
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF47015W
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF4129
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF46010X
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF45011
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESL90600X
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF4142
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF46710X
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF45012S
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESL9163
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF4151
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF47000X
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF4121
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF45030X
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF4160
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF47005X
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF4127
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF46010S
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS1010
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS304
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS205
Lavavajillas ZanussiDE4855
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS200
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS4010
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS205X
Lavavajillas ZanussiESF4101
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS200F
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS405X
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS231S
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS050
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS2010S
Lavavajillas ZanussiZSF4143S
Lavavajillas ZanussiDA4541
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS101
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS3010
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS204
Lavavajillas ZanussiDE4754
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS104
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS305
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS205F
Lavavajillas ZanussiDE4944
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS200 NL
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS405
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS231
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDI4141W
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS2010
Lavavajillas ZanussiZSF4143
Lavavajillas ZanussiDA4441
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS300
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS100
Lavavajillas ZanussiZDS2010X
Lavavajillas ZanussiDA4552


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Connecting tube with softener

Connecting tube with softener

  • Connecting tube with softener.
  • Diameter of mouth: 30/30mm
  • Original code: 1526981012
  • Valid for dishwasher: Zanussi - AEG - Electrolux


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