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Heating element for dryer




  • Heating element for dryer.
  • Voltage: 230-240V
  • Power: 1200+1200W
  • Original code: 04820091 - 40004317
  • Valid for dryers: Candy - Otsein - Hoover


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  • Resistance is responsible for providing heat to the interior of the dryer and therefore remove residual moisture from the clothes during the drying process. If your dryer does not heat or dry can be a problem with this device.

Data sheet

Spare part suited for: CANDY HOOVER OTSEIN

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Appliance typeModel
Secadoras CandyHNC375T30S
Secadoras CandyABCDC668SY
Secadoras CandyCC217SY
Secadoras CandyCD6720ISR
Secadoras CandyOHNC17337
Secadoras CandyABCDC263
Secadoras CandyABHDC75TEXSY
Secadoras CandyHNC485T86
Secadoras CandyABCDC76847
Secadoras CandyCC266T47
Secadoras CandyDKC621583
Secadoras CandyOHNC771X37
Secadoras CandyABCDC267E
Secadoras CandyABHNC260SY
Secadoras CandyHNC771XT84
Secadoras CandyABCDC779XTSY
Secadoras CandyCC267T01S
Secadoras CandyHC75XT47
Secadoras CandyTKS385VR2
Secadoras CandyABCDC268TEX
Secadoras CandyABOHDC7X
Secadoras CandyHNC771XTSY
Secadoras CandyABHDC70XSY
Secadoras CandyCC276T47
Secadoras CandyHNC360S
Secadoras CandyABCDC66847
Secadoras CandyABTCX52061
Secadoras CandyCD4720ISR
Secadoras CandyOHNC171X37
Secadoras CandyABCDC16583
Secadoras CandyABHDC75TEXFR
Secadoras CandyHNC375T84
Secadoras CandyABCDC679XSY
Secadoras CandyCC266S
Secadoras CandyCDC168SY
Secadoras CandyOHNC485T37
Secadoras CandyABCDC266X
Secadoras CandyABHNC171XSY
Secadoras CandyHNC771XSY
Secadoras CandyABCDC779XFNL
Secadoras CandyCC26737
Secadoras CandyDKC6315E83
Secadoras CandyTKS1385
Secadoras CandyABCDC268EX
Secadoras CandyABKT6EMA
Secadoras CandyHNC771XT89SY
Secadoras CandyABHDC60ESY
Secadoras CandyCC267T84
Secadoras CandyHNC271XJSY
Secadoras CandyZC216
Secadoras CandyABCDC66837
Secadoras CandyABOHNC271X
Secadoras CandyCC277T86S
Secadoras CandyIDC60SY
Secadoras CandyABHDC75TEXDE
Secadoras OtseinCD6720ISR
Secadoras OtseinOHNC17337
Secadoras OtseinABCDC263
Secadoras OtseinABHDC75TEXSY
Secadoras OtseinHNC485T86
Secadoras OtseinZC216
Secadoras OtseinABCDC76847
Secadoras OtseinCC266T47
Secadoras OtseinDKC621583
Secadoras OtseinABCDC267E
Secadoras OtseinABHNC260SY
Secadoras OtseinHNC771XT84
Secadoras OtseinABCDC779XTSY
Secadoras OtseinCC267T01S
Secadoras OtseinHC75XT47
Secadoras OtseinABCDC268TEX
Secadoras OtseinABOHDC7X
Secadoras OtseinHNC771XTSY
Secadoras OtseinABHDC70XSY
Secadoras OtseinCC276T47
Secadoras OtseinHNC360S
Secadoras OtseinOHNC771X37
Secadoras OtseinABCDC66847
Secadoras OtseinABTCX52061
Secadoras OtseinCD4720ISR
Secadoras OtseinOHNC171X37
Secadoras OtseinABCDC16583
Secadoras OtseinABHDC75TEXFR
Secadoras OtseinHNC375T84
Secadoras OtseinTKS385VR2
Secadoras OtseinABCDC679XSY
Secadoras OtseinCC266S
Secadoras OtseinCDC168SY
Secadoras OtseinOHNC485T37
Secadoras OtseinABCDC266X
Secadoras OtseinABHNC171XSY
Secadoras OtseinHNC771XSY
Secadoras OtseinABCDC779XFNL
Secadoras OtseinCC26737
Secadoras OtseinDKC6315E83
Secadoras OtseinABCDC268EX
Secadoras OtseinABKT6EMA
Secadoras OtseinHNC771XT89SY
Secadoras OtseinABHDC60ESY
Secadoras OtseinCC267T84
Secadoras OtseinHNC271XJSY
Secadoras OtseinABCDC66837
Secadoras OtseinABOHNC271X
Secadoras OtseinIDC60SY
Secadoras OtseinABHDC75TEXDE
Secadoras OtseinCC277T86S
Secadoras OtseinHNC375T30S
Secadoras OtseinTKS1385
Secadoras OtseinABCDC668SY
Secadoras OtseinCC217SY


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Heating element for dryer

Heating element for dryer

  • Heating element for dryer.
  • Voltage: 230-240V
  • Power: 1200+1200W
  • Original code: 04820091 - 40004317
  • Valid for dryers: Candy - Otsein - Hoover


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