Filtro Hepa lavable EFH13W Expand

H12 Hepa filter for vacuum cleaner Bosch Siemens




  • Hepa filter vacuum cleaner.
    Alternate parts.
    Original code: 491669
    Valid for vacuum cleaners: Bosch - Siemens


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  • The mission of a HEPA filter is to prevent the spread of bacteria, virus and contaminants through the air, and therefore, are very important to prevent infection. Some of the more specialized HEPA units have an efficiency of 99.995% which ensures a high level of protection against diseases and bacteria that are transmitted through the air.
    Should be cleaned at least every six uses the Hepa filter (check and replace annually output filter and HEPA or when a reduced suction capacity to appreciate).

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Spare part suited for: BOSCH SIEMENS

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Appliance typeModel
Aspiradoras BoschVS07GP1266/14
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71370UC/02
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71830AU/03
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71842/16
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71266/20
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71666/17
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71840/03
Aspiradoras BoschVS07GP1267/17
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71370UC/07
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71830AU/07
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71866AU/03
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71266GB/17
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71830/01
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71840/05
Aspiradoras BoschVS07JL1GB/04
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71466/07
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71835/03
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71866AU/07
Aspiradoras BoschVZ07JL2GB(00)
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71360UC/03
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71830/04
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71842/04
Aspiradoras BoschBBZ152HFUC(00)
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71636/11
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71835/07
Aspiradoras BoschBSG72070GB/07
Aspiradoras BoschBBZ152HF(00)
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71360UC/13
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71830AU/01
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71842/10
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71266/11
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71666/14
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71840/02
Aspiradoras BoschVS07GP1267/11
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71370UC/03
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71830AU/04
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71866AU/01
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71266GB/07
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71668/07
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71840/04
Aspiradoras BoschVS07GP1269/11
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71370UC/13
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71835/01
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71866AU/04
Aspiradoras BoschVS7PT2520/19
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71360UC/02
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71830/03
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71840/07
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71466/14
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71835/04
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71877/07
Aspiradoras BoschVZ152HFB(00)
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71360UC/07
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71830/07
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71842/07
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71266/07
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71666/07
Aspiradoras BoschBSG71840/01
Aspiradoras BoschVS07GP1266/17


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H12 Hepa filter for vacuum cleaner Bosch Siemens

H12 Hepa filter for vacuum cleaner Bosch Siemens

  • Hepa filter vacuum cleaner.
    Alternate parts.
    Original code: 491669
    Valid for vacuum cleaners: Bosch - Siemens


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