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Resistance dryer AEG Electrolux




  • AEG Electrolux Dryer resistance.
    Voltage: 230V
    Original code: 125753214-1257530137


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  • Resistance is responsible for providing heat to the interior of the dryer and therefore remove residual moisture from the clothes during the drying process. If your dryer does not heat or dry can be a problem with this device.

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Spare part suited for: ELECTROLUX AEG

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Appliance typeModel
Secadoras AEGTN88470
Secadoras AEGTN65570L
Secadoras AEGT5684EXL
Secadoras AEGT56847L
Secadoras AEGT56840RL
Secadoras AEGT56840L
Secadoras AEGT7073TK
Secadoras AEGT55820
Secadoras AEGT58860
Secadoras AEGT55848
Secadoras AEGT55849
Secadoras AEGT56845L
Secadoras AEGT88840
Secadoras AEGT5584
Secadoras AEGT57840
Secadoras AEGT55840
Secadoras AEGT58840R
Secadoras AEGT57849
Secadoras AEGT58840
Secadoras AEGT56820
Secadoras AEGTN65571
Secadoras AEGT57860W
Secadoras AEGT57840W
Secadoras AEGT57860
Secadoras AEGT58850R
Secadoras AEGT57850
Secadoras AEGTN75471
Secadoras AEGTN85481
Secadoras ElectroluxEDC67550W
Secadoras ElectroluxEDC67555W
Secadoras ElectroluxEDC77570W
Secadoras ElectroluxEDC77550W
Secadoras ElectroluxEDC67150W
Secadoras ElectroluxEDI97170W
Secadoras ElectroluxTK7518
Secadoras ElectroluxEDC68558W
Secadoras ElectroluxEDC77555W
Secadoras ElectroluxEDC68556W
Secadoras ElectroluxEDC78550W
Secadoras ElectroluxEDC68555W
Secadoras ElectroluxEDC67558W


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Resistance dryer AEG Electrolux

Resistance dryer AEG Electrolux

  • AEG Electrolux Dryer resistance.
    Voltage: 230V
    Original code: 125753214-1257530137


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