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Dishwasher drain hose




  • Dishwasher drain hose.
    Length: 1.75 m
    Original code: 311065580004 - 50658781005-540228737008 -8,996,464,028,480-1523476008
    Valid for dishwashers: Zanussi - Electrolux - AEG


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  • The drain hose is connected directly to the pump drain your washer or dishwasher and is responsible for driving the waste water to drain. If your dishwasher or washing machine does not empty well or lose water in the process of this Article may have a problem emptying.

Data sheet

Spare part suited for: ELECTROLUX AEG ZANUSSI

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Appliance typeModel
Lavavajillas AEGFAV44410
Lavavajillas AEGFAV34300W
Lavavajillas AEGF54730
Lavavajillas AEGFAV64800W
Lavavajillas AEGFAV54710
Lavavajillas AEGFAV44550D
Lavavajillas AEGFAV34350IW
Lavavajillas AEGFAV54700W
Lavavajillas AEGFAV54730W
Lavavajillas AEGFAV64810W
Lavavajillas AEGFAV34350IB
Lavavajillas AEGF.64850I-W
Lavavajillas AEGFAV44630
Lavavajillas AEGFAV54610
Lavavajillas AEGF64850I-B
Lavavajillas AEGFAV54730
Lavavajillas AEGFAV54619
Lavavajillas AEGFAV44500W
Lavavajillas AEGF44740
Lavavajillas AEGF64800W
Lavavajillas AEGFAV44610
Lavavajillas AEGFAV64810
Lavavajillas AEGFAV34350ID
Lavavajillas AEGFAV54709W
Lavavajillas AEGF.54730W
Lavavajillas AEGF64810
Lavavajillas AEGFAV34350IM
Lavavajillas AEGF64850I-D
Lavavajillas AEGF.44630
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF4130
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESL694
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF4131
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESI600B
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESI4120X
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESI604B
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESI4120K
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF452
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESL653
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF4120
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESI600W
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESL4160
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESI604W
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESI4120W
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESL614
Lavavajillas ElectroluxESF632
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV44500W
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV44630
Lavavajillas ZanussiF54750IW
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV54610
Lavavajillas ZanussiF.64850I-W
Lavavajillas ZanussiF.64860ID
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV64800W
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV54730
Lavavajillas ZanussiF54750ID
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV54619
Lavavajillas ZanussiF64850I-B
Lavavajillas ZanussiF.64860I-B
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV54700W
Lavavajillas ZanussiF44740
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV54750IM
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV44610
Lavavajillas ZanussiF64850I-M
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV64810
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV34350ID
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV54750VI
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV34300W
Lavavajillas ZanussiF.54730W
Lavavajillas ZanussiF54750I-W
Lavavajillas ZanussiF64810
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV34350IM
Lavavajillas ZanussiF.64860IW
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV44550D
Lavavajillas ZanussiF.44630
Lavavajillas ZanussiF54750I
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV44410
Lavavajillas ZanussiF64850I-D
Lavavajillas ZanussiF.64860IM
Lavavajillas ZanussiF64800W
Lavavajillas ZanussiF54730
Lavavajillas ZanussiF54750IB
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV54710
Lavavajillas ZanussiF64850IB
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV54709W
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV34350IW
Lavavajillas ZanussiF54750IM
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV54730W
Lavavajillas ZanussiF64850IM
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV64810W
Lavavajillas ZanussiFAV34350IB
Lavavajillas ZanussiF54750VI


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Dishwasher drain hose

Dishwasher drain hose

  • Dishwasher drain hose.
    Length: 1.75 m
    Original code: 311065580004 - 50658781005-540228737008 -8,996,464,028,480-1523476008
    Valid for dishwashers: Zanussi - Electrolux - AEG


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