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Electrolux Vacuum Hepa Filter EFH12




• Hepa Filter EFH12 for vacuum cleaners
• Original code: 9001951194

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  • The mission of a HEPA filter is to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and contaminants through the air, and therefore, are very important to prevent infections. Some of the most specialized HEPA units have an efficiency of 99.995% which ensures a high level of protection against diseases and bacteria that are transmitted through the air.
  • It is recommended to clean the Hepa filter at least every six uses (consult and replace the Hepa and outlet filter annually or when there is a reduction in suction capacity). Compatible with vacuum cleaners:
    Philips: Specialist, Univers, Performer, Jewel, Marathon.
    Electrolux: Boldio, Excellio, Oxygen, Oxy3-System, Proxio, Powersystem, SmartVac, Ultra silencer.

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Spare part suited for: PHILIPS ELECTROLUX

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Appliance typeModel
Aspiradoras ElectroluxOXYGEN
Aspiradoras ElectroluxPROXIO
Aspiradoras ElectroluxSMARTVAC
Aspiradoras ElectroluxEXCELLIO
Aspiradoras ElectroluxOXY3
Aspiradoras ElectroluxPOWERSYSTEM
Aspiradoras ElectroluxULTRASILENCER
Aspiradoras ElectroluxBOLDIO
Aspiradoras Tornado6000
Aspiradoras TornadoESSENSIO
Aspiradoras TornadoBOLDIO
Aspiradoras TornadoMAGNUM
Aspiradoras TornadoSUPER PRO
Aspiradoras TornadoTO4620
Aspiradoras TornadoSERENYS
Aspiradoras PhilipsJEWEL
Aspiradoras PhilipsSPECIALIST
Aspiradoras PhilipsPERFORMER
Aspiradoras PhilipsMARATHON
Aspiradoras PhilipsUNIVERS
Aspiradoras VoltaBOLIDO
Aspiradoras VoltaTRIO COMPACT
Aspiradoras VoltaGEMINI


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Electrolux Vacuum Hepa Filter EFH12

Electrolux Vacuum Hepa Filter EFH12

• Hepa Filter EFH12 for vacuum cleaners
• Original code: 9001951194

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