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Smeg oven thermocouple




  • Smeg oven thermocouple.
  • Position: grill
  • Length: 500mm
  • Smeg code: 948650

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  • Smeg oven thermocouple.
  • Position: grill
  • Length: 500mm
  • Smeg code: 948650
  • The thermocouple is a safety device which cuts off the gas in a burner if there is no presence of heat. If your gas oven does not turn on this device may be damaged. This type of repair should be performed by a specialist in this type of equipment.

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Spare part suited for: SMEG

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Appliance typeModel
Hornos SmegSP106VLME
Hornos SmegCX91VJME
Hornos SmegW91SBVG
Hornos SmegC9GVXNL
Hornos SmegSC800GAO9
Hornos SmegC91GVXA
Hornos SmegSB91ME
Hornos SmegSF341GVX
Hornos SmegCB91GL
Hornos SmegSX91G
Hornos SmegCX61GV8
Hornos SmegSX91VJME
Hornos SmegSE321GBX
Hornos SmegSB81VG
Hornos SmegC7GVXA
Hornos SmegLF98110GF
Hornos SmegSCB61GVX9
Hornos SmegCB60GV9
Hornos SmegSCD93GX
Hornos SmegSX91ME
Hornos SmegD91GV
Hornos SmegS810GEB
Hornos SmegJGB92XD1W
Hornos SmegSC800GVA8
Hornos SmegC91GVXI
Hornos SmegSB91VGMA
Hornos SmegSNL61GX
Hornos SmegCB91GV1
Hornos SmegSX91VJST
Hornos SmegCX61GVE
Hornos SmegCX81VGT
Hornos SmegSX91VLME
Hornos SmegAP91CKDX1
Hornos SmegSB90GV
Hornos SmegC7GVXI
Hornos SmegLF98110SS
Hornos SmegSCD60GX1
Hornos SmegCB61VG
Hornos SmegSCE91GX
Hornos SmegSX91VGL
Hornos SmegS341GX
Hornos SmegFS62XNG1
Hornos SmegC6GVXA8
Hornos SmegLF98100GF
Hornos SmegSC800GVP9
Hornos SmegC9GVXI
Hornos SmegSB91VJME
Hornos SmegSSA60GGX8
Hornos SmegCOS905GX
Hornos SmegT95PGGSFS
Hornos SmegCX61VGL
Hornos SmegCX91GVE
Hornos SmegSX93VG
Hornos SmegBI91WJ
Hornos SmegSC341GX-8
Hornos SmegC8GGXK
Hornos SmegSA91VJIR
Hornos SmegSCD61GVE
Hornos SmegCB61VGS1
Hornos SmegSNL91GX
Hornos SmegSX91VJB
Hornos SmegS810G
Hornos SmegOFGG7GVXA
Hornos SmegC6GVXBE8
Hornos SmegLF98100SS
Hornos SmegSCB60GX8
Hornos SmegCB51GV1
Hornos SmegSCB90GX
Hornos SmegSX81VJM
Hornos SmegCX51VG
Hornos SmegSP106VLIR
Hornos SmegCX91VGMA1
Hornos SmegVA91XVG
Hornos SmegC9GVXBE
Hornos SmegSC420GN-8
Hornos SmegC8GVXI
Hornos SmegSB91IR
Hornos SmegSCD90GVX
Hornos SmegCB81VGT
Hornos SmegCX61GAG
Hornos SmegSX91VJM
Hornos SmegS810GPO
Hornos SmegSB81ME
Hornos SmegC6GVXI8
Hornos SmegLF98105SS
Hornos SmegSCB61GVX8
Hornos SmegCB60G8
Hornos SmegSCD90GX
Hornos SmegSX8GV
Hornos SmegSX81VG
Hornos SmegD81GV
Hornos SmegW91SXVG
Hornos SmegGC-900S
Hornos SmegSC800GPO9
Hornos SmegC91GVXI-1
Hornos SmegSB91VG
Hornos SmegSF341GX
Hornos SmegCB91GV
Hornos SmegSX91GVE
Hornos SmegCX61GV9
Hornos SmegCX81GVET
Hornos SmegSX91VLIR
Hornos SmegAP91CKDW1
Hornos SmegSB90G
Hornos SmegC7GVXA8
Hornos SmegLF98110SB
Hornos SmegSCB61GX
Hornos SmegCB61VG-1
Hornos SmegSCE90GX
Hornos SmegSX91VG
Hornos SmegS340G
Hornos SmegFS62XNG
Hornos SmegAP91VJME
Hornos SmegJGB95XD1S
Hornos SmegSC800GVP8
Hornos SmegC9GGSSA
Hornos SmegSB91VGY
Hornos SmegSNL61GX8
Hornos SmegCB91VG
Hornos SmegSX9GV
Hornos SmegCX61VG
Hornos SmegCX91GL
Hornos SmegSX92VJME
Hornos SmegBI91AJ
Hornos SmegSB91GV
Hornos SmegC7GVXI8
Hornos SmegSA81VG
Hornos SmegSCD60GX8
Hornos SmegCB61VGS
Hornos SmegSNL81GX
Hornos SmegSX91VGMA
Hornos SmegS341GXD
Hornos SmegLF98110AS
Hornos SmegC6GVXBE
Hornos SmegLF98100IR
Hornos SmegSCB60GX
Hornos SmegCB51GV
Hornos SmegSB93VGY
Hornos SmegSX81GVE
Hornos SmegCX51GVE
Hornos SmegCX61VGMA1
Hornos SmegCX91VG
Hornos SmegSX93VJME
Hornos SmegBI91XJ
Hornos SmegSC341GXD8
Hornos SmegC8GVXI-1
Hornos SmegSA93VJME
Hornos SmegSCD61GVX8
Hornos SmegCB81GVT1
Hornos SmegSP106VJM
Hornos SmegCX61G
Hornos SmegSX91VJIR
Hornos SmegS810GAO
Hornos SmegS340GEB
Hornos SmegC6GVXI
Hornos SmegLF98105SB
Hornos SmegSCB60GX9
Hornos SmegCB51VG
Hornos SmegSCB91GX
Hornos SmegSX81VJME


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Smeg oven thermocouple

Smeg oven thermocouple

  • Smeg oven thermocouple.
  • Position: grill
  • Length: 500mm
  • Smeg code: 948650

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