Smeg oven thermocouple Expand

Smeg oven thermocouple




  • Smeg oven thermocouple.
  • Position: bottom
  • Length: 800mm
  • Smeg code: 948650137

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  • Smeg oven thermocouple.
  • Position: bottom
  • Length: 800mm
  • Smeg code: 948650137
  • The thermocouple is a safety device which cuts off the gas in a burner if there is no presence of heat. If your gas oven does not turn on this device may be damaged. This type of repair should be performed by a specialist in this type of equipment.

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Spare part suited for: SMEG

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Appliance typeModel
Encimeras SmegA1.1
Encimeras SmegA1A.1
Encimeras SmegA1AD.1
Encimeras SmegA1D.1
Encimeras SmegA1P.1
Encimeras SmegA1VA.1
Encimeras SmegA1VG.1
Encimeras SmegA2
Encimeras SmegA2A
Encimeras SmegA2AD
Encimeras SmegA2D
Encimeras SmegAP704S
Encimeras SmegAP704S3
Encimeras SmegAPL706S
Encimeras SmegAPV63BL
Encimeras SmegAPV63X
Encimeras SmegAPV64X
Encimeras SmegAPV74X
Encimeras SmegAPV74XC
Encimeras SmegCIR34XS
Encimeras SmegCIR60XS
Encimeras SmegCIR60XS3
Encimeras SmegCIR64XS
Encimeras SmegCS18A/1
Encimeras SmegCS18NLA1
Encimeras SmegCS18V/1
Encimeras SmegCS19/1
Encimeras SmegCS19A/1
Encimeras SmegCS19B/1
Encimeras SmegCS19NL1
Encimeras SmegCS19NLA1
Encimeras SmegCS19P/1
Encimeras SmegCS19V/1
Encimeras SmegCS20
Encimeras SmegCS20FB
Encimeras SmegCS20NL
Encimeras SmegCS20NLA
Encimeras SmegCSA196
Encimeras SmegCSA196A
Encimeras SmegCSA20
Encimeras SmegGKC641-3
Encimeras SmegGKDCO2-3
Encimeras SmegGKE75
Encimeras SmegHB6422A
Encimeras SmegHB64CAS1
Encimeras SmegHB64CCS1
Encimeras SmegHB64CSS1
Encimeras SmegHB7522A
Encimeras SmegOAR64XS
Encimeras SmegPR34ASX1
Encimeras SmegSAR574XS
Encimeras SmegSAR64XS1
Encimeras SmegSAR65XS
Encimeras SmegSAR66XS
Encimeras SmegSARV532X
Encimeras SmegSD706SX
Encimeras SmegSD706X3
Encimeras SmegSDPV577
Encimeras SmegSDR34ASN
Encimeras SmegSDR34ASX
Encimeras SmegSDR34XG
Encimeras SmegSDR60X
Encimeras SmegSDR60XG
Encimeras SmegSDR60XG3
Encimeras SmegSDRV532X
Encimeras SmegSE275X
Encimeras SmegSE706AV3
Encimeras SmegSE706GH
Encimeras SmegSE706S
Encimeras SmegSE706S3
Encimeras SmegSE706SX
Encimeras SmegSE706SX3
Encimeras SmegSER60S
Encimeras SmegSER60S3
Encimeras SmegSER60SGH
Encimeras SmegSER60SX
Encimeras SmegSER60SX3
Encimeras SmegSER64EBS
Encimeras SmegSER64S
Encimeras SmegSER64SNX
Encimeras SmegSER64TFS
Encimeras SmegSNL532X
Encimeras SmegSNL532XG
Encimeras SmegSNL564X
Encimeras SmegSNL564XG
Encimeras SmegSNL574GH
Encimeras SmegSNL595X
Encimeras SmegSNL60XG
Encimeras SmegSNL64AG
Encimeras SmegSNL64CAS
Encimeras SmegSNL64CSS
Encimeras SmegSNL64XG
Encimeras SmegSPV577-3
Encimeras SmegSPV577.1
Encimeras SmegSPV595-3
Encimeras SmegSPV595.1
Encimeras SmegSR264AV
Encimeras SmegSR264X
Encimeras SmegSR264XGH
Encimeras SmegSR275AV
Encimeras SmegSR275X
Encimeras SmegSR275XBE
Encimeras SmegSR275XDE
Encimeras SmegSR275XGH
Encimeras SmegSR34ASX1
Encimeras SmegSR34GXBE
Encimeras SmegSR34IND
Encimeras SmegSR34SGH
Encimeras SmegSR60GHS
Encimeras SmegSR60GHU3
Encimeras SmegSR764AO
Encimeras SmegSR764AOD
Encimeras SmegSR764AS
Encimeras SmegSR764AX
Encimeras SmegSR764BS
Encimeras SmegSR764OT
Encimeras SmegSR764PO
Encimeras SmegSR764PS
Encimeras SmegSR764PX
Encimeras SmegSR764PXD
Encimeras SmegSR764RA
Encimeras SmegSR764XRW
Encimeras SmegSR804AGH
Encimeras SmegSR804PGH
Encimeras SmegSR804VGH
Encimeras SmegSR934AS
Encimeras SmegSR934ASX
Encimeras SmegSRV532GH
Encimeras SmegSRV532TG
Encimeras SmegSRV532TX
Encimeras SmegSRV532X
Encimeras SmegSRV564-3
Encimeras SmegSRV564.1
Encimeras SmegSRV564A6
Encimeras SmegSRV564AZ
Encimeras SmegSRV564GH
Encimeras SmegSRV564M
Encimeras SmegSRV564M3
Encimeras SmegSRV564P
Encimeras SmegSRV564VA
Encimeras SmegSRV573X3
Encimeras SmegSRV574GH
Encimeras SmegSRV574HK
Encimeras SmegSRV864A
Encimeras SmegSRV864B
Encimeras SmegSRV864C
Encimeras SmegSRV864P
Encimeras SmegSRV864TF
Encimeras SmegWDK264GH
Encimeras SmegWDK264SX
Encimeras SmegWDK75
Encimeras SmegWE704EBS
Encimeras SmegWE704S
Encimeras SmegWE704S3
Encimeras SmegWE7061S
Encimeras SmegWE706EBS
Encimeras SmegWE706GBS
Encimeras SmegWE706S
Encimeras SmegWE706S3
Encimeras SmegWER264S
Encimeras SmegWER264SX
Encimeras SmegWER641S
Encimeras SmegWER64EBS
Encimeras SmegWER64S
Encimeras SmegWER64SNX
Encimeras SmegWER64SX
Encimeras SmegWER64SXN
Encimeras SmegWER64TFS
Encimeras SmegWR864DS
Encimeras SmegWR864EBS
Encimeras SmegWR864S
Encimeras SmegWR864TFS
Encimeras SmegPPV577X.1
Encimeras SmegPRV532X.1
Encimeras SmegPRV564X.1
Encimeras SmegSAR574XS1
Encimeras SmegSARV532X1
Encimeras SmegSARV532X2
Encimeras SmegSARV532X3
Encimeras SmegSDPV595X1
Encimeras SmegSDPV595XG
Encimeras SmegSDRV532X1
Encimeras SmegSDRV532XG
Encimeras SmegSDRV564X1
Encimeras SmegSDRV564XG
Encimeras SmegSP595XGD3
Encimeras SmegSPV577X-3
Encimeras SmegSPV577X.1
Encimeras SmegSPV595X-3
Encimeras SmegSR532XGD3
Encimeras SmegSR564GXB3
Encimeras SmegSR564GXBE
Encimeras SmegSR564XGD3
Encimeras SmegSR574GXBE
Encimeras SmegSRV531XFE
Encimeras SmegSRV532GH3
Encimeras SmegSRV532LG3
Encimeras SmegSRV532TX3
Encimeras SmegSRV532X-3
Encimeras SmegSRV532X.1
Encimeras SmegSRV532XB3
Encimeras SmegSRV532XBE
Encimeras SmegSRV563EB2
Encimeras SmegSRV563NE2
Encimeras SmegSRV563X-3
Encimeras SmegSRV563X.1
Encimeras SmegSRV564AL
Encimeras SmegSRV564EB2
Encimeras SmegSRV564GH3
Encimeras SmegSRV564GHB
Encimeras SmegSRV564GHN
Encimeras SmegSRV564NE2
Encimeras SmegSRV564TT
Encimeras SmegSRV564X-3
Encimeras SmegSRV564X.1
Encimeras SmegSRV564XBE
Encimeras SmegSRV564XF1
Encimeras SmegSRV564XF2
Encimeras SmegSRV572TX
Encimeras SmegSRV573TX3
Encimeras SmegSRV573X-3
Encimeras SmegSRV573XT
Encimeras SmegSRV573XTG
Encimeras SmegSRV574GH3
Encimeras SmegSRV574GHN3
Encimeras SmegSRV574LG3
Encimeras SmegSRV574X-3
Encimeras SmegSRV574X.1
Encimeras SmegSRV574XBE
Encimeras SmegSRV574XN1
Encimeras SmegSRV574XN3
Encimeras SmegSPV577EB1
Encimeras SmegSPV577NE1
Encimeras SmegSPV577TF1
Encimeras SmegCS18A/1DR
Encimeras SmegCS18V/1DR
Encimeras SmegCSA196XLP
Encimeras SmegSER60GXB3
Encimeras SmegSER60GXBE
Encimeras SmegSER60SGH3
Encimeras SmegSPR864AGH
Encimeras SmegSPR864AVOGH
Encimeras SmegSPR864BGH
Encimeras SmegSPR864PGH
Encimeras SmegSPR864RAGH
Encimeras SmegSR764AXNL
Encimeras SmegSR764BSNL
Encimeras SmegSR764PXNL
Encimeras SmegWER264SGH
Encimeras SmegCIR574XS3
Encimeras SmegSNLR34XG2
Encimeras SmegSNZ34XGR1
Encimeras SmegSR134AGHS
Encimeras SmegSR804AGBE
Encimeras SmegSR804PGBE
Encimeras SmegSRV564EB7
Encimeras SmegSRV864OGH
Encimeras SmegSRV573TF
Encimeras SmegSPV595GB2
Encimeras SmegSRV5641-1
Encimeras SmegSR964PGH
Encimeras SmegSRV564GN1
Encimeras SmegSRV576EB
Encimeras SmegPR804ASEP
Encimeras SmegSR864AGH9
Encimeras SmegSRV564GB2
Encimeras SmegSRV864RAG
Encimeras SmegSRV864AVO
Encimeras SmegSPV595GW1
Encimeras SmegSRV564CO2
Encimeras SmegSRV564AV6
Encimeras SmegSRV576X
Encimeras SmegSE706XGPL
Encimeras SmegSR864PGB9
Encimeras SmegSRV564GW1
Encimeras SmegSRV564TF3
Encimeras SmegER17651FG
Encimeras SmegWER864ASA
Encimeras SmegSR804ASBE
Encimeras SmegSRV564EB1
Encimeras SmegSRV564GME
Encimeras SmegSRV573EB
Encimeras SmegSPV595EB1
Encimeras SmegSR864PGH9
Encimeras SmegSRV564GW3
Encimeras SmegSNLRV596X
Encimeras SmegT2760N1EU
Encimeras SmegNCT685NFG
Encimeras SmegSR804PSBE
Encimeras SmegSRV564EB4
Encimeras SmegSRV864AGH
Encimeras SmegSRV573NE
Encimeras SmegSPV595GB1
Encimeras SmegSRV563NE1
Encimeras SmegSR964NGH
Encimeras SmegSRV564GG1
Encimeras SmegSRV576
Encimeras SmegPR804ASEA
Encimeras SmegSR864AGBE
Encimeras SmegSRV564GAL
Encimeras SmegSRV864PGH
Encimeras SmegWDK264SX3
Encimeras SmegSPV595GN1
Encimeras SmegSRV5641-3
Encimeras SmegSR964XGH
Encimeras SmegSRV576TF
Encimeras SmegSE706SXBE
Encimeras SmegSR864OGH9
Encimeras SmegSRV564GB3
Encimeras SmegSRV564TF1
Encimeras SmegER17651AU
Encimeras SmegSRV864P-9
Encimeras SmegSR34ASXBE
Encimeras SmegSRV564CO3
Encimeras SmegSRV564CO6
Encimeras SmegSRV876A
Encimeras SmegSNLR34AX2
Encimeras SmegSR864PGBE
Encimeras SmegSRV564GW2
Encimeras SmegJGP345SCS
Encimeras SmegNCT675NFG
Encimeras SmegER12550RK
Encimeras SmegSR804ASEV
Encimeras SmegSRV564EB3
Encimeras SmegSRV564GW6
Encimeras SmegSRV573MB
Encimeras SmegSPV595GAL
Encimeras SmegSR964BGH
Encimeras SmegSRV564NE1
Encimeras SmegSRV564GB1
Encimeras SmegSRV575TF
Encimeras SmegPR804ADS1
Encimeras SmegSRV563EB1


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Smeg oven thermocouple

Smeg oven thermocouple

  • Smeg oven thermocouple.
  • Position: bottom
  • Length: 800mm
  • Smeg code: 948650137

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